According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, there were 4,436 hail-producing storms in 2022.

While the heaviest hail damage is largely confined to the center of the United States, nearly every state has a risk of experiencing hail from time to time.

And with hail costing billions of dollars every year, it pays to be prepared for hail damage.

How to Reduce Hail Damage to Inventory

Depending on your business’s location, it can be crucial to protect your inventory from hail damage. Consider these hail prevention strategies, if you operate in a high-risk area.

Hail canopies—With multiple options available, dealership hail canopies cover large swaths of inventory lots to help protect vehicles and RVs from the threat of hail and other inclement weather. These canopies also provide shade to keep employees, customers and inventory cool and dry, and prevent damage from the heat and sun.

Solar panel canopies—Similar to hail canopies, solar panel canopies cover your lots and inventory. By using solar panels, you can protect your inventory and reduce your business’s energy costs.

Carports—Large metal carports may be a good option to house especially high dollar inventory like certain RVs and mobile homes. Often made of galvanized steel, carports can keep the roof of your inventory safe from hail, snow, ice, falling branches and more.

Inventory rotation—Be aware of typical hail season in your area. This map from the NOAA shows that April, May, June and July have the highest risk for hailstorms. Consider carrying lighter inventory during these months or setting sale dates before hail season.

Reducing the Impact of Hail Damage with Inventory Insurance

Hail damage and damage caused by other types of severe weather can be worrisome and costly. But with the right inventory insurance, your inventory can be protected.

Lockton Affinity administers a comprehensive insurance policy to protect against the weather risks your business faces, including, including:

  • Hail
  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Earthquake
  • Wind

Get a quote to protect your inventory today.